Healthy Eating – Getting the Balance Right

No single food contains all the nutrients needed for good health, so a healthy diet should include a wide variety of foods from each of the food groups. Balance is the key!

The “Eatwell Guide"  is the healthy eating model used in the UK to depict a healthy balanced diet. Our diet should contain the right quantities of each of the essential food groups.This means loading up your plate with fruits, vegetables, and high-fibre starchy foods – such as bread, pasta, rice and potatoes. The remaining third is divided between moderate portions of meat, fish, eggs, milk and dairy products.

To find out more about healthy eating and how to make the right choices, download the booklet "Getting the Balance Right".

So what is a healthy lifestyle all about?

What it's not about What it is about Other benefits
Cutting out tasty food Eating more of some foods Look and feel better
Eliminating favourite food Eating a little less of others Feel fitter and have more energy
Having less food Knowing more about food Better weight control
Going hungry Making small gradual changes Improved body shape
Making major changes Altering food shopping patterns Reduced stress and improved mood
Becoming super fit Modifying cooking and preparation methods  
Not enjoying food Enjoying your food  
  Enjoying being active