QMS education sessions and cookery demonstrations

We all understand the importance of a healthy balanced diet and why Scottish schools have such a key role to play. QMS is keen to support educators in discussing areas such as healthy eating, food and farming, hospitality and other areas of the curriculum.

Our education sessions and cookery demonstrations can contribute to experiences and outcomes in more than one area of the Curriculum for Excellence.

Through the QMS demonstrations, pupils are given an insight into the importance of eating a balanced diet including protein and iron-rich foods such as red meat. They also learn about the benefits of cooking and eating fresh natural produce. This is clearly illustrated by including fresh fruit, vegetables and herbs in each of the dishes cooked.

Control over the use of salt and sugar is emphasised, and the fun and social aspects of cooking are highlighted. Each demonstration is tailored to meet the needs and requirements of the class and is introduced with nutritional information on the importance of a healthy balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

Our experienced chefs and food demonstrators create an ideal opportunity to learn about the versatility, convenience and cost-effectiveness of red meat and its place as part of a healthy balanced diet in a practical, "fun" and interactive way.

If you are interested in a session, please contact the Health and Education team via

In addition to our education sessions, to help you get the message over in the school environment – whether in the classroom or in the school canteen – we have produced a range of booklets and posters especially for teachers, school caterers and their pupils.This range of free material highlights the versatility of meat and how to combine it with other nutrients to make quick and easy dishes that taste good, look good and are good for you too! Remember: eating healthily can be cheap and simple – and definitely NOT boring. If you would like to order some printed materials to use in your school, please get in touch via the email address above.

Why not also visit our websites and where you will find a selection of quick and easy recipes.

Other school activities:

Meat Voucher Scheme: The QMS Meat Voucher Scheme is an industry initiative to help combat the obesity epidemic sweeping Scotland by helping teach secondary age children how to cook quality, nutritious meals.

The scheme provides the home economics departments of secondary schools with a voucher worth up to £100 to spend on fresh meat, from their local butcher, for use by students on home economics and hospitality courses.

Click on the link on the right to apply for this year's scheme and to download "Simply Cooking", a recipe booklet designed for schools in the Meat Voucher Scheme.

QMS links with Food Education Partners

QMS is proud to work with a wide range of organisations in promoting Food Education within Scottish Schools, as well as the opportunity for careers within the Food and Drink Industry. We recently worked with the Food and Drink Federation Scotland to highlight the potential careers with the Red Meat Industry. Check out our "meaty careers" poster below.


Another new initiative is the Good Food Champions teacher training programme, led by the Royal Highland Education Trust and supported by a number of Food Education Partners. This GTCS accredited course gives teachers the opportunity to learn more about food and how it can be used as a context for learning across the curriculum. To find out more, check out the Good Food Champions blog here.