Market Prices

Daily Scotland
Updated: 26/06/2017
TotalsPrice per kgNumber
Young Bulls198.502
All Prime Cattle223.8696
Cull Cows137.0099
Cull Bulls128.303
Lambs SQQ227.943236
Hoggs SQQ160.8494
CattleGradingPrice per kg lwtChange from 22/06/2017
SteersLight (370-464 kg)234.00n/a
SteersMedium (465-555 kg)219.13-4.54
SteersHeavy (over 555 kg)202.06-3.07
HeifersLight (330-399 kg)238.4031.54
HeifersMedium (400-480 kg)228.738.68
HeifersHeavy (over 480 kg)212.848.01
Young BullsLight (370-464 kg)n/an/a
Young BullsMedium (465-555 kg)n/an/a
Young BullsHeavy (over 555 kg)198.5040.17
Older steersn/an/a
Older heifersn/an/a
All Prime Cattle223.8615.07
Beef sired cull cows151.4016.00
Dairy sired cull cows113.00n/a
SheepGradingPrice per kg lwtChange from 22/06/2017
LambsLight (25.5-32 kg)213.87n/a
LambsStandard (32.1-39 kg)223.58-8.81
LambsMedium (39.1-45.5 kg)228.654.26
LambsHeavy (45.6-52 kg)233.1328.72
Standard Quality Quotation227.942.57
HoggsLight (25.5-32 kg)n/an/a
HoggsStandard (32.1-39 kg)158.77-7.50
HoggsMedium (39.1-45.5 kg)161.87-22.36
HoggsHeavy (45.6-52 kg)161.71-5.56
Standard Quality Quotation160.84-13.66
EwesPrice per head76.985.74

Daily Markets: Source: IAAS
Border Markets: Source: AHDB/LAA/ IAAS
Deadweight: Source: AHDB
Daily Average and Weekly Average for Scotland: Source: IAAS 
Daily Average and Weekly Average for England, Wales and Great Britain: Source: AHDB/LAA/ IAAS.