Market Prices

Country (type)PriceWeek Ending
Argentina (Cows)184.00 p/kg dwt21-Mar-17
Argentina (491-520 kg)270.00 p/kg dwt21-Mar-17
Australia (Young Cattle Index (EYCI))384.00 p/kg dwt22-Mar-17
Brazil (Cows Sao Paulo)241.00 p/kg dwt21-Mar-17
Brazil (Steers Sao Paulo)255.00 p/kg dwt21-Mar-17
Canada (All steers (Quebec auctions))336.00 p/kg dwt11-Mar-17
France (Cows O3)273.00 p/kg dwt19-Mar-17
France (Young bulls R3)322.00 p/kg dwt19-Mar-17
Germany (Cows O3)251.00 p/kg dwt19-Mar-17
Germany (Young bulls R3)331.00 p/kg dwt19-Mar-17
New Zealand (North Island cow (200kg))255.00 p/kg dwt17-Mar-17
New Zealand (North Island steer (300kg))312.00 p/kg dwt17-Mar-17
Nthrn Ireland (Steers R3)351.00 p/kg dwt18-Mar-17
Republic of Ireland (Cows O3)267.00 p/kg dwt19-Mar-17
Republic of Ireland (Steers R3)327.00 p/kg dwt19-Mar-17
United States (Cows (cutter))110.00 p/kg lwt17-Mar-17
United States (Steers (dressed and delivered))368.00 p/kg dwt19-Mar-17

Daily Markets: Source: IAAS
Border Markets: Source: AHDB/LAA/ IAAS
Deadweight: Source: AHDB
Daily Average and Weekly Average for Scotland: Source: IAAS 
Daily Average and Weekly Average for England, Wales and Great Britain: Source: AHDB/LAA/ IAAS.