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Genetics, health and nutrition combined with the Robertson family’s enthusiasm and attention to detail have led to Titaboutie Farm near Aboyne in Aberdeenshire, being selected as a finalist for Agriscot Scottish Sheep Farm of the Year.

The Green family will be on the hunt for bright ideas for 2018 at the next Morayshire Monitor Farm meeting on 12 December.

At the event the group will review the various activities which have taken place over 2017, as well as discussing the possibilities Corskie farm should explore in 2018.

Stuart Ashworth

After a few years with little discernible lift in prime cattle prices in the run up to Christmas, 2017 has restored the trend. 

Over the past three years the lift in price between the start and end of November has been around 2-3 p/kg dwt but this year the lift has been 7-8 p/kg dwt on average, according to Stuart Ashworth, Quality Meat Scotland’s Head of Economic Services.

Martin Birse from Pitgaveny Farms, Elgin

The development of a management system which focuses on carefully measuring and monitoring cattle performance, is one of the secrets of the success of Pitgaveny Farms near Elgin.

The Pitgaveny beef enterprise, which involves two different beef units – one organic and one conventional - managed in tandem, was a finalist in this year’s Scotch Beef Farm of the Year award, run by AgriScot and Quality Meat Scotland, and supported by Thorntons.

Jason and Vic Ballantyne

Farmers and crofters are invited to the next meeting of the Sutherland Monitor Farm, which will focus on developing a sustainable business.

Innovations specialist Stephen Burns from the Agricultural Engineering Precision Innovation (Agri-EPI) Centre will be the main speaker at this meeting which will be held at Brora Golf Club on Tuesday 5 December.

Robert Osborne from Castlehill Farm, Durisdeer will host Nithsdale Monitor farm meeting on 7 Dec 2017

Farmers attending the next meeting of the Nithsdale Monitor Farm will be given an insight into the management of the 250 breeding cows run by Robert Osborne on his tenanted farm near Thornhill.

Rob Stodart with some of his cattle

The Stodart family will be looking for advice on overhauling their cattle enterprise at their next Angus monitor farm meeting on Thursday 7 December.

Morayshire monitor farmers Iain, Laura and Jemma Green revealed the results of their #soilmyundies experiment at a meeting for local farmers recently.

The Greens are one of the latest to join the #soilmyundies craze, where farmers bury 100 per cent cotton underpants in different parts of the farm, to start discussions on the activity of soil biology.