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Quality Meat Scotland produces regular videos for use on social media to help communicate key messages about the red meat industry to a range of audiences. Here is a selection of the latest videos that have been produced. Click on the video image to play it. Clicking on the bottom right icon within the video frame will display the video full screen

Orkney Monitor Farm

Orkney Monitor Farm

Orkney farmer Steven Sandison talks us through some of the key improvements he has made to his business as a result of his involvement in the monitor farm programme.

Video launched 6 June 2015

NSA Highland Sheep 2015

NSA Highland Sheep 2015 Preview

QMS produced this short invitation video from NSA Scotland and host farmers, the Scott family from Tain, to Highland Sheep on 9 June 2015. 

Video Launched 26 May 2015

Open Farm Sunday - Get Involved!

Open Farm Sunday - Get Involved!

The Dawes family, who farm near Kinross, are one of a growing number of farming families across Scotland opening their gates to the public each year for open Farm Sunday. In this short video produced by QMS they give an insight into what's involved in the preparations for the event being held on 7 June 2015.

Video Launched 17 May 2015

QMS Sward Stick 1

QMS launches Grass Sward Stick

This video demonstrates how the new QMS grass sward stick, launched in May 2015 can be used as a tool to ensure grass is at its optimum grazing length for sheep and cattle.

Video launched  10 May 2015

Beef Market Update

Beef Market Update

This short video, produced at the beginning of May 2015,  features QMS Head of Economics Stuart Ashworth explaining the factors influencing the beef market at that time. After a difficult start to 2015, Stuart said the outlook was looking more positive for beef farmers.  

Video Launched 3 May 2015 

QMS LambCam Video Diaries - Day 4

QMS LambCam Video Diaries - Day 4

Part of a series of video diaries produced for the QMSLambCam project in March 2015. This last video provides an update on the hypothermic lambs that went into the awrming box after the snow hit yesterday and Rosie shows us her favourite in the pet pen! We also hear the latest about Handsome Huntaway dog Doug's courtship with Meg.

Video Launched 27 March 2015