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Quality Meat Scotland produces regular videos for use on social media to help communicate key messages about the red meat industry to a range of audiences. Here is a selection of the latest videos that have been produced. Click on the video image to play it. Clicking on the bottom right icon within the video frame will display the video full screen

Scotch Beef Farm of the Year - Darnford

Scotch Beef Farm of the Year 2015 - Darnford

Thanks to the Watson family for this great week video giving an insight to the farm business at Darnford, Scotch Beef Farm of the Year.

Video launched 29 June 2016

The Official Clipping of George

The Official Clipping of George

This fab wee video shows the official clipping of the beard of “This Farming Life” star George MacPherson by his wife Sybil, today at the Royal Highland Show

Video launched Sunday 26 June 2016

Colin Slessor QMS

An audience with 'The Mart' stars and Charity Auction

Colin Slessor and Rory Livesey tell Bryan Burnett about life as an auctioneer and stardom after BBC's The Mart at the QMS stand at the Royal Highland Show

Video launched 25 June 2016.

Stars of This Farming Life Reunited

Stars of "This Farming Life" Reunited

This wee video shows when the stars of the hit BBC series “This Farming Life” were reunited on the QMS stand at the Royal HIghland Show and shared their experiences of farming and their recent TV stardom.

Video launched 24 June 2016

Royal Highland Show 2016 - Thurs

Royal Highland Show 2016 - Thursday

Here's a wee taste of some of the buzz at the Royal Highland Show today! Many thanks to everyone who helped make it a great start to the show week. 

Video launched 23 June 2016

Scotsheep 2016 event

Scotsheep 2016 event

Here’s a short video featuring just some of the many highlights of Scotsheep 2016. Event hosts, the Campbell family and their team, pulled out all the stops to provide a fantastic venue to showcase innovation and opportunities in the sheep sector and, most importantly, encourage 1000's of sheep farmers to get together and share news and views.

Video launched 14 June 2016