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Exports are crucial in optimising carcase use and in developing the international reputation of Scotch Beef PGI and Scotch Lamb PGI as a premium food.

The key target markets for Scottish red meat producers are Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden and Denmark. Part-time QMS agents work on the industry’s behalf in each of these markets, their main duties being to organise and implement promotional activities in multiple retail outlets, butchers shops and restaurants.

QMS is supporting the Scottish red meat industry in identifying new premium markets outside the EU such as Hong Kong and Canada.

Our agents also buy and create media in their respective countries, primarily in a selection of trade and consumer magazines. They are the eyes and ears of QMS within the market place, providing a regular flow of up-to-date information and intelligence which is essential to give Scottish red meat exporters as much insight as possible into the markets in which they are trading.

Attending key international food trade shows such as Sial (Paris), Anuga (Cologne) and HOFEX (Hong Kong) is also an important part of QMS’s export strategy. Scottish exporters join QMS staff and our European agents at these events, to promote the Scottish red meat industry and highlight the PGI marque to buyers and traders from across the globe.