Scotch Lamb PGI

What is Scotch Lamb PGI?

Scotch Lamb PGI is whole chain assured lamb from Scotland. In a nutshell, Scotch Lamb PGI is from specific animals that are sourced from selected Scottish farms, adopting best practice including animal welfare and natural production methods. The PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) is the legal protection system to guarantee a genuinely authentic product.

How QMS supports the image of Scotch Lamb PGI

Our strategy is developed in consultation with the industry via the Scotch Lamb Marketing Strategy Group. This group meets at least twice a year and represents the Scottish red meat industry interests. 

We have a presence in the Scottish marketplace all year round with multiple retailers, wholesalers, independent retailers and foodservice outlets. We have at least one bespoke marketing campaign per annum which usually includes Scottish radio, outdoor poster sites, adverts in key consumer magazines and newspapers, online marketing as well as consumer sampling activities.

We support the Scottish red meat industry to identify optimum trade in export markets, within and out with the European Union. Marketing activities are focusing on developing a positive image of Scotch Lamb PGI among potential importers and national key opinion leaders.