QMS aims to generate confidence in the Scottish cattle sector and to improve the sustainability and profitability of our Scottish beef farmers.
This work is led by the Scottish Cattle Industry Group and focuses on efforts to improve uptake of grassroots technology, increase the uptake of farm benchmarking, and reduce the level of carbon emissions associated with Scotch Beef production.
In 2017, Scottish cattle farmers generated 26.5% of all Scottish agricultural output, from the sale of animals for meat production and breeding.  71% of the cows in Scotland are beef cows and only 29% are dairy cows.  This is the highest ratio of beef to dairy cows among the countries of UK and Europe.
During 2017, 566,880 calves were born and registered in Scotland.  83% of these were sired by beef bulls with the most popular beef breeds being; Limousin, Charolais, Aberdeen Angus and Simmental.
During 2017 Scottish abattoirs produced almost 167,252 tonnes of beef.(insert blurb on where scotch beef sales happen)
The above information was derived from data published by the Scottish Government. More information about the shape and scale of Scotland’s red meat industry can be found in the Scottish Red Meat Industry Industry Profile, published by QMS each June.