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The Shin (Hough), Neck and Clod are more economical cuts and are generally suited for stewing and casseroling. They are also suitable for mincing.

The Shin is one of the toughest cuts, but has a rich flavour and great texture when cooked slowly over a long period of time. All these cuts add texture and flavour to casseroles and stews.

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Brisket is an economical cut of meat which is often sold boned and rolled or as LMC Steaks. Although one of the tougher cuts, it is a flavoursome one which really benefits from long and moist cooking methods such as stewing, braising and pot-roasing. Brisket is also the most popular cut for corned beef.

LMC or Thick Rib Steaks can also be grilled and pan fried, but need a bit more time than the hindquarter steaks.


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The fore rib, taken from the back of the animal behind the blade, is a medium-priced cut of beef. If is usually sold as a roasting joint and can be sold either on or off the bone. Off the bone, the joint is rolled and often stuffed. Either way, the fore rib makes a good and tender roasting joint when cooked slowly. The fore rib can also be sold as steaks.

Chuck & blade, often known as the shoulder, is the cut next to the neck. As with the neck it is suitable for slow, moist cooking in casseroles or is often used for braising. This cut can also be sold as a joint for slow roasting. This is another less expensive cut of beef.


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