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Friday, May 24, 2019 - 10:30 to 15:00
Mill of Inverarity Farm
Inverarity, Forfar

The subject of soil health for the arable sector will be scrutinised at an arable-focused meeting at Angus monitor farm on Friday 24 May.

Innovative farmer Clive Bailye from Staffordshire, will discuss how he made zero till farming work for his system. Clive, who also founded The Farming Forum and Direct Driller magazine, moved to a zero tillage system nearly a decade ago with the aim of reducing costs while improving yields. He focuses on increasing soil organic matter levels, water infiltration and capturing sunlight through cover cropping, rotational diversity and has recently reintroduced livestock onto the farm.

Also speaking at the meeting will be Christina Clarke from ADAS who will cover plant health and pathogens, wheat varieties and breeding while Andy Newbold from Farm Smart will discuss soil remediation, machinery settings, tine design and impact on soils.

AHDB’s Harry Henderson will share the results of the machinery review carried out across the monitor farm network and apprise the group on AHDB projects on straw and soils.

The Angus meeting will be held at Mill of Inverarity Farm on Friday 24 May with tea and coffee available from 10.30am,  closing at 3pm. Lunch will be provided

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For further information or to book your place at this meeting contact facilitator Zach Reilly on 01307 464033 or email