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Tuesday, May 7, 2019 - 13:30 to 16:30
Corskie Farm
IV32 7NN

The upcoming meeting at Morayshire Monitor Farm will focus on how best to manage your grass in dry conditions.

Paddy Jack from DLF Seeds will be the main speaker at the event and will highlight grass varieties which cope best with low rainfall, and the group will tour fields which host farmer Iain Green reseeded last year with this aim in mind.

As well as covering how best to manage grass and grass varieties, Paddy will also discuss weed control on silage and grazing pastures and over seeding.

Monitor farmer Iain Green will give his usual farm update, and he will have a lot to cover after a very busy period.

The final part of the meeting will focus on the best methods for recycling plastic after the recent burning ban came into force. Monitor farm facilitator Samantha Stewart will discuss how farmers can organise for this waste to be either picked up on farm, or dropped off, as well as highlighting the costs involved.

Contact Info: 

For further information or to book your place (and lunch!) please contact Samantha Stewart on 01343 548787 or email