Shetland 6th Monitor Farm meeting

Saturday, December 2, 2017 - 11:00 to 15:00
Bigton Farm (meet at Bigton Hall at 11am)

The next meeting of the Shetland Monitor Farm on Saturday 2 December will focus on soil health.

Bigton Farm, a 300-hectare farm in the south of Shetland, is run by sisters Kirsty and Aimee Budge, with support from their family.

At the next meeting, which will begin at nearby Bigton Hall at 11am and includes lunch, Dr Bill Crooks, Soil Specialist from SRUC, Scotland’s Rural College, will explain how soil health influences grass growth.

Dr Crooks will also describe the essential soil nutrients and highlight options for improving soil structure. He will also suggest ways that farmers and crofters can make best use of fertiliser, dung and slurry.

The microbial activity of soil, an indicator of soil health, can be visually assessed in a simple practical experiment known as #soilmyundies. The results of their Bigton #soilmyundies trial will be shared at the meeting on 2 December.

Also at this meeting, Paul Harvey and Sue White of the Shetland Amenity Trust will present Bigton Farm’s Environmental Audit and lead the discussion around possible management options.

For catering purposes, those interested in coming along on 2 December should confirm their attendance with Graham Fraser from SAC Lerwick (contact details below)

Contact Info: 

Graham Fraser

SAC Lerwick

01595 693520