Farming Foodsteps is Quality Meat Scotland's interactive educational resource which explores the journey Scottish red meat makes from farm to fork and the role that red meat plays as part of a healhty, balanced diet and in the economy and environment.

The red meat food system is split into five lessons: From Farm (livestock farming), To Field (sustainability & the environment), To Food Production (labelling, production, careers), To Health (the role of red meat in a healthy, balanced diet), To Fork (preparing and cooking red meat).

Farming Foodsteps has been designed to be taught in class or at home as it is compatible with computers, SmartScreens and mobile phones.  Teachers, pupils and the wider public can find a range of worksheets, games, tasks and videos to enhance their knowledge of the red meat food system.

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Additional Resources:On the right there are a selection of resources which can be downloaded (descriptions below):

  • Getting the Balance Right: this publication is used within the NHS to educate people how best to achieve a healthy, balanced diet.
  • Simply Cooking: 3 simple recipes which have been used in schools as part of a cookery demonstration.
  • Red Meat Understanding the Facts: This leaflet contains facts about the health benefits of eating red meat.
  • Meat the Facts: A booklet aimed at upper primary school aged children highlighting the facts about red meat.
  • Red Meat Journey – Careers: A poster highlighting the variety of careers available within the red meat industry.
  • Cattle Breeds Poster: a poster highlighting a selection of cattle breeds found in Scotland.
  • Red Meat Nutrition – Key Facts: This A4 information sheet highlights the nutritious value of the different types of red meat and the benefits of each of these nutrients.
  • Lamb, Beef & Pork Cuts Posters: 3 posters showing the different cuts of meat.

Educational Talks:If you are giving an education talk about red meat and require additional resources please contact who can provide you with a PowerPoint presentation and can arrange for resources to be sent to you to take with you.