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Environmental Video

The path our food takes before it reaches us is an important journey that we should all recognise, no matter what age we are. Farms across Scotland produce much of the food we eat on a daily basis, both plant and animal-based, so supporting our local farmers is essential.

Farmers who rear animals for food in Scotland have an important job. They have to ensure their animals have a healthy, contented and stress-free life and are fed a nutritious diet so that the best possible meat reaches your plates. That puts animal welfare top of the list when it comes to rearing animals for high-quality meat. Farmers also care about the environment and wildlife around their farms too. Check out the video below to learn more:


Our Meaty Matters Publication

This is an interactive education pack from QMS, developed with the Royal Highland Education Trust (RHET), for schools in Scotland. The resource is aimed at raising awareness of the importance of red meat in a healthy balanced diet. It considers how cattle, sheep and pigs are looked after on their journey from field to plate, including animal husbandry, basic nutrition and the place of red meat in world religions.

The teaching materials are relevant to a number of areas of the curriculum and are tailored to the new guidance for the “Curriculum for Excellence”. It is aimed at all stages of the primary curriculum but is particularly useful in mid-upper primary school. It's free to download from this page and check out our MooTube channel for accompanying video content.