QMS Education Sessions and Cookery Demonstrations

We all understand the importance of a healthy balanced diet and why Scottish schools have such a key role to play. QMS is keen to support educators in discussing areas such as healthy eating, food and farming, hospitality and other areas of the curriculum.

Our education sessions and cookery demonstrations can contribute to experiences and outcomes in more than one area of the Curriculum for Excellence.

If you are interested in a session, please apply here!



The QMS Meat Voucher Scheme is an industry initiative to help combat the obesity epidemic sweeping Scotland by helping teach secondary age children how to cook quality, nutritious meals.

The scheme provides the home economics departments of secondary schools in Scotland with a voucher worth up to £100. This is to spend on fresh red meat from their local butcher and for use by students on home economics and hospitality courses only.

Click to apply for the Meat Voucher Scheme (please note: applications close on 1st November 2019). If you'd like to get in touch please email



We have a range of videos available on our QMS MooTube Channel including: confidence with knife skills, cook along recipes, cuts of meat, the health benefits of eating red meat and sustainable livestock farming. 



QMS is proud to work with a wide range of organisations in promoting Food Education within Scottish Schools, as well as the opportunity for careers within the Food and Drink Industry. We recently worked with the Food and Drink Federation Scotland to highlight the potential careers with the Red Meat Industry. 

Another new initiative is the Good Food Champions teacher training programme, led by the Royal Highland Education Trust and supported by a number of Food Education Partners. This GTCS accredited course gives teachers the opportunity to learn more about food and how it can be used as a context for learning across the curriculum. To find out more, check out the Good Food Champions blog here.

For recipe ideas and food inspiration why not also visit our websites: and