Lanarkshire Grazing Group

Leslie Sloan, who farms in partnership with parents, Hugh and Nancy, runs 90 Simmental cross cows and he hopes to expand this slightly further in the future.

Purchased in 2012, Meadowflatt farm near Biggar in Lanarkshire is 186 hectares, comprising 120 hectares of grass, 24 hectares of hill and grows 42 hectares of barley. A road through the middle splits the farm, which rises from 200m (650ft) to 320m (1050ft), the arable and temporary grass being mainly on the bottom side with the permanent grass and hill on the higher ground on the top side of the road.

The cattle are split between an autumn and spring calving herd. Cows are Simmental cross, with Angus bulls recently introduced to breed replacements. Calves are sold finished off the unit at up to 24 months old.  A proportion of the barley grown is retained to feed to the cattle.  In summer 2015, all the youngstock were paddock grazed on the best grass, which has been very successful.