Average Scottish deadweight steer price: Source: AHDB

Average Scottish deadweight cow price: Source: AHDB

Weekly average Scottish prime sheep price: Source: IAAS/ScotEID - please note that this graph picks up new season lamb prices from the beginning of May.  If a graph of hogg prices is required between April and June, contact QMS.

Weekly average Scottish ewe price: Source: IAAS/ScotEID

All pigs deadweight price is taken from the GB Standard Pig Price report: Source: AHDB

Deadweight data supplied by AHDB © Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board [2021]. All rights reserved

Store cattle prices: Source; Scottish Government/IAAS/ScotEID

Slaughter data: Source: Scottish Government - please note that the figures shown in the graphs are for prime cattle, sheep and pigs, so they do not include the number of cows, ewes or sows processed.

Calf registrations: Source: BCMS