Weekly Scotland
Young Bulls170.8030170.8030
All Prime Cattle198.05320198.71312
Cull Cows111.00595111.10589
Cull Bulls122.4011122.4011
Lambs SQQn/an/an/an/a
Hoggs SQQ206.2314375206.5813477
P/kg lwtP/kg lwt
SteersLight (370-464 kg)194.50198.17
SteersMedium (465-555 kg)204.19205.57
SteersHeavy (over 555 kg)187.84187.84
HeifersLight (330-399 kg)156.36156.36
HeifersMedium (400-480 kg)210.89212.69
HeifersHeavy (over 480 kg)196.27196.27
Young BullsLight (370-464 kg)n/an/a
Young BullsMedium (465-555 kg)172.45172.45
Young BullsHeavy (over 555 kg)169.84169.84
Older Steersn/an/a
Older Heifersn/an/a
All Prime Cattle198.05198.71
Beef sired cull cows119.20119.20
Dairy sired cull cows89.4089.50
P/kg lwtP/kg lwt
LambsLight (25.5-32 kg)n/an/a
LambsStandard (32.1-39 kg)n/an/a
LambsMedium (39.1-45.5 kg)n/an/a
LambsHeavy (45.6-52 kg)n/an/a
Standard Quality Quotationn/an/a
HoggsLight (25.5-32 kg)185.90186.72
HoggsStandard (32.1-39 kg)204.96205.18
HoggsMedium (39.1-45.5 kg)207.04207.41
HoggsHeavy (45.6-52 kg)199.73199.95
Standard Quality Quotation206.23206.58
EwesPrice per head79.1379.08
Updated: 11/01/2020

Daily Markets: Source: IAAS
Border Markets: Source: AHDB/LAA/IAAS
Deadweight: Source: AHDB
Daily Average and Weekly Average for Scotland: Source: IAAS 
Daily Average and Weekly Average for England, Wales and Great Britain: Source: AHDB/LAA/IAAS.

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