Ballicherry Farm

Farm Name:Ballicherry Farm
Farmer(s):Brian & Caroline Matheson
Farm Size:322 ha
Enterprises:mixed arable
Ownership:Brian & Caroline Matheson
  • Jenny McCallum, SRUC Inverness
Ballicherry Farm
Dingwall, Ross-shire
57° 38' 20.6268" N, 4° 10' 53.346" W
  • Jenny McCallum, SRUC Inverness. Tel: 01463 246084. Mobile: 07500 073110. Email:

Black Isle growers Brian and Caroline Matheson from Ballicherry Farm in Balblair run a mixed enterprise of 332 hectares, consisting of 190 hectares of spring barley grown for certified seed and malting, 42 hectares of winter wheat grown for certified seed, 25 hectares of oilseed rape and 35 hectares of potato and carrot lets, together with 40 hectares of permanent grassland carrying 100 ewes, 100 over-wintered cattle and 25 suckler cows. The farm also carries out carrot growing and mobile grain dressing contracting operations. Caroline operates a Care Farming enterprise which runs alongside the commercial farming operation. Neighbouring Rosefarm joins the Mathesons on the Monitor Farm project, in a partnership between HGCA and Potato Council. Rosefarm rents land from the Mathesons as part of its 3,000 tonne Pre-Basic seed potato enterprise.

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