Monitor Farm Programme 2022- 2026

The aim of the programme is to instigate positive transformational change through innovative sustainable farming practices on nine farms across Scotland. We want to use the learnings and the example set by Monitor farms for the benefit of farmers across Scotland.   

The aim of the programme is to help to build resilient, dynamic farms focused on reaching full economic, social, and environmental sustainability, by optimising production.

How each of the nine farms chooses to optimise their business and improve their profitability will be as unique as the businesses themselves

The programme will be grounded in expert advice and will embrace innovative practices to support farms on their journey. There is a substantial commitment required of a Monitor Farmer for a period of around four years.

The farmer will receive a significant amount of help over this time from the delivery team including a dedicated Regional Adviser, and Programme Manager, as well as access to specialist input throughout the programme.

The programme is led by QMS and AHDB, for more information contact


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