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Scottish prime lamb producers have seen strengthening farmgate prices since mid-October resulting in a producer price climb of 23% to around 194 p/kg liveweight, an increase of 7% on last year’s prices, according to the latest market analysis by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS).

Over half (54%) of children in Scotland aged 5-15 say they are served more than two different dinner options every night, according to new research.

Carried out by Censuswide on behalf of Scotch Lamb PGI, the results revealed that some households are serving up to four different meals at dinnertime to cater to different tastes.

One of Scotland’s most iconic foods, Scotch Beef PGI, has taken centre stage at a celebratory event in Canada to celebrate St Andrew’s Day.

The return of Quality Meat Scotland’s ‘Go Places with Pork’ campaign has boosted the results of its initial debut, continuing to raise awareness of the Specially Selected Pork brand.

The many improvements a Sutherland couple has made on their farm during their time as monitor farmers will be highlighted at their final meeting next week (10 December, 2019).

Shoppers in Glasgow’s bustling city centre were given the chance to try delicious Scotch Lamb PGI this St Andrew’s Day (30th November 2019) as part of Quality Meat Scotland’s ‘Scotch Lamb, Naturally’ campaign.


After a prolonged period of decline, farmgate beef prices in Scotland have increased by 2% over the past month, according to the latest market analysis by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS).



The Minister for Rural Affairs and the Natural Environment has visited Edinburgh institution Contini Cannonball Restaurant and Bar to sample a new dish celebrating St Andrew’s Day.