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With COVID-19 recognised as the biggest challenge our country has faced in peacetime, its impact has been considerable and it has destabilised the market, according to the latest market commentary by Quality Meat Scotland (QMS).

A Linlithgow food service operator has switched its main focus to selling direct to consumers after much of its trade business has almost come to a complete halt because of COVID-19.


Pupils in Aberfeldy have recently been cooking up a storm thanks to the Quality Meat Scotland (QMS) meat voucher scheme.

The first year of the GrasscheckGB programme has delivered strong results for the nine beef and sheep pilot farms in Scotland.

In response to the closure of Scotland’s schools and current social distancing advice, Scotland’s leading farming, fishing, food and drink organisations are urging businesses to follow some critical steps to reduce staffing to the bare essentials required to secure Scotland’s food supply.

The introduction of social distancing measures due to the global coronavirus pandemic, is causing a significant economic rebalancing, resulting in volatility in household spending patterns.

Adopting new strategies that have ultimately helped performance has been one of the main benefits of getting involved in the  Monitor Farms Programme, according to Chris Cameron.

Butchers across the country are supporting their local communities in efforts to limit the spread of COVID-19.