North East Grazing Group

Maryfield Farm near Aboyne is home to Louise and Ahren Urquhart who took over the 100ha farm in February 2013 as new-start farmers. The land is approximately one third temporary grass, one third permanent grass and one third rough grazing. It is let on a seasonal basis. They also have some winter grazings nearby.  Since 2013, Louise & Ahren have built up ewe numbers to 740 head, plus 165 ewe lambs.  They comprise mostly Mules, plus Cheviots and Cheviot Mules and some Texel crosses. Lambs are sold both finished and store

The farm is mostly in grass, with a small amount of rape and swedes grown for wintering the ewes.  Running alongside the Dee, the land is gravelly and free draining.  Louise and Ahren have identified some mineral deficiencies (Copper, Selenium & Iodine) which they are addressing with mineral boluses and drenches.  They have already seen an improvement in ewe productivity.  Louise and Ahren are already rotationally grazing, and plan to continue to get the whole farm into rotation and maximise their production from grass.