QMS Pigs Assurance Scheme

The Scottish Pig Industry enjoys a worldwide reputation for high standards of production.  Almost 100% of significant pig farming businesses in Scotland are members of the QMS Pigs Assurance Scheme.

To carry the Scottish red meat industry’s premium brand Specially Selected Pork, pigs must have been born, reared and slaughtered in Scotland and spent their entire life on QMS Assured holdings.   Whole chain assurance ensures that animals have the best possible quality of life on farm and throughout the live supply chain, resulting in the highest quality product reaching the consumer’s plate.

Animal welfare and wellbeing are of paramount importance in ensuring the highest product quality. The QMS Animal Welfare and Wellbeing Charter recognises the five freedoms of animal welfare and wellbeing and is a guiding principle for all QMS assurance schemes, which are supported and approved by the Scottish SPCA, Scotland’s independent animal welfare charity. The Scottish SPCA also carry out some joint visits to QMS approved livestock farms along with Acoura farm assessors.

The Wholesome Pigs Scheme is operated by Wholesome Pigs (Scotland) Ltd and is a robust health checking mechanism helping pig producers achieve continuous herd health improvement.  Abattoir monitoring by pig specialists is quickly reported to producers and their unit veterinary advisor.  A direct link through QMS to the SRUC Bush Laboratory accesses further expertise when required.  The Scheme is fully endorsed by Scottish SPCA.

The Pigs Assurance Scheme is owned by QMS who have contracted Acoura, an independent inspection and certification company, to carry out the required farm assessments in order to certify and approve scheme members.

To download the Pig Assurance Scheme standards and application form, please click on the links to the right.