QMS aims to generate confidence in the Scottish pig sector and to improve its sustainability.

This work is led by the Pig Industry Group Scotland and focuses on enhancing the competitiveness, efficiency and profitability for Scottish pig levy payers.

Commercial pig farming is a highly specialised concentrated business within Scotland.  Less than 150 holdings (25% percent of holdings that keep breeding sows) have 98% of all breeding sows.  Furthermore the sector is concentrated in the North East of Scotland where, in 2014, 60% of breeding sows and fattening pigs are to be found.

The pig sector generated 3% of Scottish agricultural output in 2014 and Scottish abattoirs produced 24,000 tonnes of pigmeat.

The above information was derived from data published by the Scottish Government. More information about the shape and scale of Scotland’s red meat industry can be found in the Scottish Red Meat Industry Profile, published by QMS each June.