Preparing for Brexit - Practical Steps

There are a range of practical steps that businesses in the Scottish red meat supply chain, particularly those in the processing sector and trading outside of the UK, can now take to get Brexit-ready, whether there’s a no deal or a managed exit.
These steps primarily relate to having in place the documentation and systems that make it possible to trade with Europe and to understand the demands that may be placed on businesses in respect of, for example, physically getting animal products on to the market, employing non-UK labour and product labelling.
The Scottish Government has issued guidance on these topics which is detailed below.
The Scottish Government has also recognised that many smaller businesses will need to update skills and expertise in handling trade documentation and export notifications and, therefore, are offering some financial support to businesses wishing to update their skills and systems.
Use the Scottish Government self-assessment tool to identify actions you need to consider when preparing for Brexit.  Also contains a short guide to essential actions your business should take now.
Guidance from public sector and partner organisations in Scotland and the UK Government. Includes information on workforce and skills, imports and exports, supply chain and data protection (GDPR).
Browse the latest Brexit updates, news, insight and commentary from across Scotland’s influential business community - from industry, finance and legal experts to academia. Includes information on grants for training, IT and to help prepare for customs procedures and checks after Brexit.