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Quality Meat Scotland produces regular videos for use on social media to help communicate key messages about the red meat industry to a range of audiences. Here is a selection of the latest videos that have been produced. Click on the video image to play it. Clicking on the bottom right icon within the video frame will display the video full screen

Thom Evans' Beef Fajita Recipe

Thom Evans' Beef Fajita Recipe

Follow Thom's simple recipe to make delicious beef fajitas!

Video launched 3 December 2019

Thom Evans Cooks Beef Fajitas

Thom Evans Cooks Beef Fajitas

Delighted to be working with ex-Scotland rugby player, Thom Evans on a high-profile new campaign aimed at inspiring people about the role of lean red meat in a healthy diet. Working with AHDB and HCC, this joint campaign aims to support better understanding of the facts about the nutritional value of red meat. 

Video launched 29 November 2018

Barnside Farm Scottish Sheep Farm of the Year 2017/2018

Barnside Farm, AgriScot Scottish Sheep Farm of the Year 2017

Here's a wee video of Charley and Andrea Walker from Barnside Farm, the current AgriScot Scottish Sheep Farm of the Year. Filmed over the year, it gives a real insight into the passion and commitment this farming family has to producing the very best Scotch Lamb they can. Well done guys!

Video launched 19 November 2018

Meet the Lochaber Monitor Farmers

Meet the Lochaber Monitor Farmers

Here's a lovely wee video that gives an insight into the lives of Chris and Malcolm Cameron who farm Strone Farm, the Lochaber Monitor Farm. The changes they have made to their livestock strategy has seen their weaning percentage more than double over the last 12 months and their cattle numbers increase by 20%!

Video launched 9 October 2018

Scotch Lamb Naturally TV Advert

Scotch Lamb Naturally TV Advert

Here's our brand new "Scotch Lamb, Naturally" TV advert! It will be running throughout October to inspire consumers about the wonderful, natural product we have right here on our doorsteps. Scots eat just half of the UK average consumption of lamb per person - so there's a huge opportunity to get people behind their brand!

Video launched 1 October 2018

Doug Avery video FINAL

Doug Avery

No matter how busy you are we're hoping you can find four minutes to listen to Lothians monitor farmer Peter Eccles speaking with the inspirational Doug Avery. The video captures a little of Doug's amazing story and insight into mental health in farming and why "its ok to be not ok"

Video launched 21 September 2018